asterisk 模拟卡常见问题以及解决办法 第二部分

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===Q32, A1200P “TRUNK Dial failed due to CONGESTION” Problem===
please refer this link:

===Q33, A1200P Installation on Ubuntu 8.10 Server===
if you have a installation problem with A1200P/A800P,
please refer this:[url=][/url]

===Q34, Can’t retrieve Taiwan’s CID===
please refer this for your problem:

===Q35, FXO sends the digits of speed===
if you want to add speed dialup for FXO, please refer this:

===Q36, Trick to solve buffer re-sync issue of A1200P/A800P===
if your system keeps flushing the “buffer re-sync problems”
please refer this link:

===Q37, How do you report a problem===
In order to solve customer’s problems very effective and efficiency,
when seeking a help from us, please give these information:
1) versions of kernel and Linux distribution
2) versions of asterisk and zaptel/dahdi
3) the name of cards used in your system
4) debug and error information from your system and asterisk
5) sending us zaptel(zaptel.conf and zapata.conf) or dahdi (system.conf and chan_dahdi.conf)

configuration files and extension.conf
6) after loading the driver, run the command: demsg and send the information to us
7) sending us the result of the command: cat /proc/interrupts

8) sending us the message of asterisk console when you making a call
9) inform the protocols you are using in your system
10) send us a working ssh account with root permission if you need us to check the system.
11) make a backup for your important files
12) describe the problem in details

===Q38,bug: FXO can not call out!===
The problem is this:
1) I cannot make outbound calls on an FXO card (Using FXSKS signalling)until I’ve received an incoming call
2) resetting the hookstate to offhook(A single ring is good enough),
or alternatively, disconnecting and reconnecting the telephone line.
please refer this link:

===Q39,FATAL: Module wctdm not found ===
if this problem occurred, please make sure:
1) the module is compiled and installed properly
2) you entered a right kernel, which you used to compile the zaptel
3) make sure you have a access permission to load the module.
4) make sure the wctdm.ko is under /lib/modules/2.6.XX/extra

===Q40,FATAL: Module opvxa1200 not found ===
if this problem occurred, please make sure:
1) the module is compiled and installed properly
2) you entered a right kernel, which you used to compile the zaptel
3) make sure you have a access permission to load the module.
4) make sure the opvxa1200.ko is under /lib/modules/2.6.XX/extra

===Q41,Tools for wctdm and opvxa1200 ===
you can use these tools to test the wctdm and opvxa1200
1) zttest
[url=] … p_te405p_noise.html[/url]
2) zttool
3) ztmonitor
[url=] … ata+gain+adjustment[/url]
4) fxotune

===Q42,check information of wctdm.ko/opvxa1200.ko ===
Under /lib/modules/2.6.18-128.el5/misc
run command: modinfo wctdm.ko, run modinfo opvxa1200 if checking opvxa1200
[root@bogon misc]# modinfo wctdm.ko
filename: wctdm.ko
license: GPL
alias: wcfxs
author: Mark Spencer <[][/email]>
description: Wildcard TDM400P Zaptel Driver
srcversion: 5E22C66ED4D5B1ADE573C83
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A901sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A908sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A801sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A800sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A8FDsd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A9FDsd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000B119sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000B118sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000B1D9sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000B100sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000E159sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v0000E159d00000001sv0000A159sd*bc*sc*i*
depends: zaptel
vermagic: 2.6.18-128.el5 SMP mod_unload 686 REGPARM 4KSTACKS gcc-4.1
parm: debug:int
parm: loopcurrent:int
parm: reversepolarity:int
parm: robust:int
parm: opermode:charp
parm: timingonly:int
parm: lowpower:int
parm: boostringer:int
parm: fastringer:int
parm: fxshonormode:int
parm: battdebounce:uint
parm: battalarm:uint
parm: battthresh:uint
parm: ringdebounce:int
parm: fwringdetect:int
parm: alawoverride:int
parm: fastpickup:int
parm: fxotxgain:int
parm: fxorxgain:int
parm: fxstxgain:int
parm: fxsrxgain:int
[root@bogon misc]# pwd

===Q43, How to debug wctdm or opvxa1200 ===
When loading the wctdm or opvxa1200 with a debug mode,
please loadding the driver in this way:
modprobe wctdm debug=1 // open the debug and check the /var/log/message

===Q44, RHEL/Centos 5.2: xpp/xdefs.h:117: error: conflicting types for ‘bool’ ===
please refer this:

===Q45, xpp modules do not compile with kernel 2.6.19-1.2919.fc7===
please refer this:

===Q46, spinlock.h error with RHEL 4===
please refer this link:
[url=] … 37576c7aa92518fe48b[/url]

===Q47, Compile error on CentOS-4.6 with Kernel-2.6.9-67.0.15.ELsmp and CONFIG_DAHDI_NET===
please refer this link:

===Q48, dahdi_compat.h:31:27: error: zaptel/zaptel.h: No such file ===
please read this:

===Q49, when compiling zaptel, error: You do not appear to have the sources for…===
please refer this:
[url=] … 07-June/189259.html[/url]

===Q50, Bug#439814: zaptel-source: oslec_echo_can_identify undefined symbol===
please refer this:
[url=] … -August/009225.html[/url]

please check from here:
[url=] … f500d9c9ea7edb52bfb[/url]

===Q52, How to install Octasic SoftEcho ===
please refer these links:
[url=] … n/Octvqeug_5000.pdf[/url]

===Q53, Bug in Zaptel and – Only MG2 ===
please refer this:

===Q54, Howto: OSLEC echo canceling + DAHDI + Asterisk 1.4 ===
please refer this:
[url=] … dc698e89467c3d49a86[/url]

===Q55, Difference between zaptel and dahdi ===
please refer these links:

===Q56, Tonezones for wctdm and opvxa1200 ===

The file zonedata.c contains the information about the tone zones used in libtonezone (and hence also in ztcfg). Here is a list of those zones:
us United States / North America
au Australia
fr France
nl Netherlands
uk United Kingdom
fi Finland
es Spain
jp Japan
no Norway
at Austria
nz New Zealand
it Italy
us-old United States Circa 1950 / North America
gr Greece
tw Taiwan
cl Chile
se Sweden
be Belgium
sg Singapore
il Israel
br Brazil
hu Hungary
lt Lithuania
pl Poland
za South Africa
pt Portugal
ee Estonia
mx Mexico
in India
de Germany
ch Switzerland
dk Denmark
cz Czech Republic
cn China
ar Argentina
my Malaysia
th Thailand
bg Bularia
ve Venezuela
ph Philippines
ru Russian Federation
tr Turkey

===Q57, Tools from zaptel to dahdi===

ztcfg -> dahdi_cfg
ztmonitor -> dahdi_monitor
ztscan -> dahdi_scan
ztspeed -> dahdi_speed
zttest -> dahdi_test
zttool -> dahdi_tool
zapconf -> dahdi_genconf (deprecates genzaptelconf)

=== Q58, the list of opermode===

when loading the driver wctdm/opvxa1200,
modprobe wctdm opermode=YOUR COUNTRY
please check from the list: fxo_mudules.h

===Q59, Callerid with DTMF and FSK ===
please refer these links:

===Q60, Why are you unable to call out with Asterisk 1.4.22? ===
If you are using wctdm or opvxa1200 with Zaptel and Asterisk 1.4.22 then there is a known issue with outbound calls. The reason you are not able to call out is because Asterisk 1.4.22 has a new feature which detects if a analog line is plugged in or not, but this feature only works with Dahdi. So to fix the issue you can do one of the following.
edit the file under /asterisk-1.4.22、channels/chan_dahdi.c” find this line
#ifdef DAHDI_CHECK_HOOKSTATE return 0;
#else return 1;
Change the “0” to a “1”
#ifdef DAHDI_CHECK_HOOKSTATE return 1;
#else return 1;

===Q61, Sound quality issue with wctdm and opvxa1200== you can try these possible solutions:
1) Check the IRQ, make sure system handle IRQ properly
2) Use zttest to check the result
3) Disable the X window and framebuffer(set vga=normal from grub)
4) When using IDE driver, please open the DMA control
5) Bind the card IRQ to particular CPU, for example:
echo 1 > /proc/irq/217/smp_affinity #wcfxo
6) Set the latency timer: setpci -v -s 04:06.0 LATENCY_TIMER=f8 #wcfxo

===Q62, Echotraining and OSLEC===if you use the OSLEC, you must disable the echotraining.
otherwise, the channel will be silent.

===Q63, Far side disconnected with disconnect supervisions===possible solutions:
1) Your PSTN provider uses voltage/battery drop for disconnect supervision,
pleas try to edit DCT in zaptel.h to 100 ms or higher.
2) If you PSTN provider provides reverse polarity/battery
disconnect supervision:
3) If your PSTN provider has disconnect/busy tone disconnect supervision
or try to callprogress, and set your progzone to your country code in zapata.conf

===Q64, Cabling for wctdm and opvxa1200=== wctdm/opvxa1200 uses RJ11 cable. please refer this:

===Q65, Splitter for A1200P/A800P===[url=][/url]

===Q66, Power supply for for wctdm and opvxa1200=== If you use FXS with wctdm/opvxa1200, you MUST use
12v power supply(4 pin Molex power cable) for FXS, please refer this:


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