asterisk-1.8 启动

大家等待的1.8 开始启动,希望asterisk 更加强大。
Russell Bryant has posted a note to inform us of the creation of the 1.8 branch of Asterisk.


As you may have seen in a comment in another message, it is the intention to have the 1.8 branch created by the end of the week (likely on Friday). IPv6 support was the last major pending project, and the final related patches are up on reviewboard. We need to get the testing process going on 1.8 as soon as possible so we can move forward toward the official release.

Ideally, all features that will be in 1.8 should be in trunk by the time the branch is created. However, while we’re still early in the beta process, I think it is reasonable to consider making some exceptions for some last minute additions on a case by case basis.

If you have anything pending, please try to get it in as soon as possible. If you have something that can’t make it by Friday, but you think could be done in the next couple of weeks, then that’s still a possibility. Let’s talk about it.


Russell Bryant
Digium, Inc. | Engineering Manager, Open Source Software

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